Mission & Identity:

Athletes Fighting Cancer uses the power of sport to fight cancer. We want to give all individuals a team for support and inspiration, as well as the resources to develop mental toughness and engage in activity that is right for you.

Recruitment Package:

  • A FREE gift for new teammates with a cancer diagnosis that is shipped to your home.
  • Requires you to sign-up for our FREE membership to get AFC swag including the team jersey and more.
  • Also includes a Manta Cancer Treatment Planner and a variety of health & wellness items.

Team Camaraderie:

  • The most important thing AFC can provide is a team for support, guidance, and encouragement.
  • Membership gives you to access our private AFC forum where you can connect, share your story and ask questions.
  • Our featured stories spotlight teammates and provide a deeper look at their personal journey.

Member Resources:

  • The Mogish Education Center provides evidence-based information about the role of sport in cancer.
  • AFC works with other advocacy groups and charities to provide a list of resources for our patients.
  • Access to athletic events, strength training programs, and resources for mental wellness.

Our Future:

  • Expand globally to address healthcare disparities through sport, the universal language
  • Expand to in-person events, podcasts and virtual information sessions to build on our educational resources
  • Facilitate cross-industry collaboration to explore safe exercise and behavioral interventions for cancer prevention, management and survivorship to advance the field of Exercise Oncology

All donations go directly towards services provided to our members