Use the power of sport to fight cancer


Athletes Fighting Cancer recruits a team of athletes and advocates who fight cancer using the power of sport through inspiration, information and innovation


  • Joining is free and members will have access to our online, private community to share personal stories, ask questions or connect with others. Members can also receive a “Recruitment Package” that includes a jersey, team contract and other items that allow them to represent their new team
  • Schlarman Stories is a feature that provides a deeper look at the personal stories of some of our members
  •  What’s next? – AFC will expand to live-streamed events, podcasts and more based on feedback from our members, so let us know what you want to see!


  • Knowledge is power; AFC is committed to providing evidence-based information that is applicable to the life of each patient and their unique cancer journey
  • Our Medical Advisory Board includes international leaders in the field of Exercise Oncology who are dedicated to improving the way this information is shared with the community
  • What’s next? – AFC will continue to build the education center and provide live, virtual information sessions. If there is a topic you want covered, let us know!


  • This platform will advance the field of Exercise Oncology and increase accessibility to resources for our members
  • We facilitate cross-industry collaboration to explore safe exercise and behavioral interventions for cancer prevention, management and survivorship
  • What’s next? – AFC will continue to pursue research opportunities and advocate for policy change that will integrate physical activity into the standard care of cancer management

All donations go directly towards services provided to our members

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