The Ross Innovation Center promotes cross-industry collaboration to explore a variety of physical and behavioral interventions for athletes with cancer to advance the field of Exercise Oncology.

About Dr. Michael Ross

This feature was inspired by Dr. Michael Ross, a sports medicine physician who was the founder and medical director of the Rothman Institute Performance Lab. Michael was known for his positivity, zest for life, dedication to his profession and above all – being a loving husband and father. He was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at 43 years of age. Despite years of intense treatments, Michael continued to compete and exercise throughout his cancer experience. He was the epitome of what AFC represents, always focused on living the best life you can. Michael passed away in September of 2019, but his story has been a positive force in moving Athletes Fighting Cancer forward. To read more about Michael, click on the link below.

Featured Story


Athletes Fighting Cancer has teamed up with MyVictory, an at-home exercise and community platform for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. MyVictory offers live-streamed and on-demand classes in a caring and motivational environment. They help users achieve their goals, avoid recurrence and live longer, more active lives through exercise and support of their friends and family.

Due to the support of our donors and generosity of MyVictory, we are able to provide any AFC member with access to the MyVictory platform. Please contact us for more information ([email protected]).



Athletes Fighting Cancer envisions a community of support for athletes who receive a new diagnosis of cancer. TinnCann is partnering with AFC in pursuit of this vision by adding members of Athletes Fighting Cancer's Dream Team to their platform and creating meaningful conversations that were previously unlikely. If you want to want to connect with a member of our Dream Team, send a message to [email protected]


War On Cancer

The War On Cancer app provides a place where sharing stories about life with cancer is the norm. It is a social network that allows members to connect with others that can relate and improve your mental health during this experience.

Athletes Fighting Cancer is working with War On Cancer on an upcoming health study to evaluate the preferences and barriers to incorporating physical activity into the cancer experience from the patient perspective. We hope this will help us improve our approach to increasing awareness and access to exercise interventions.


If you would like to collaborate with AFC and explore how we can fight cancer together, let us know!

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