Reliable Resources

Resources recommended by our medical advisory team

One of the biggest challenges of being a patient is sorting through all available information to determine what is accurate and reliable. In addition to our post about the Moving Through Cancer initiative from the American College of Sports Medicine, the resources below have been identified or developed by our medical advisory team as safe and evidence-based.

The American Cancer Society (ACS)

Eat Healthy and Get Active

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)


The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)

Exercising During Cancer Treatment

Interlude Cancer Stories

Dr. Eleonora Teplinsky, who specializes in breast and gynecologic cancers, hosts a platform and podcast to encourage the difficult conversations that improve everyone’s understanding of the cancer experience and promote healthy living

Cancer Fitness and Exercise

Dr. Anna Schwartz is a pioneer in the field of Exercise Oncology who wrote a book and developed an exercise app full of advice and step-by-step programs specifically for people living with or beyond cancer

Breast Fitness

Dr. Julie Gralow, a world-renowned leader in women's health and exercise oncology is co-author of Breast Fitness: An Optimal Exercise and Health Plan for Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer.

The Sports Institute

Dr. Cindy Lin is a sports medicine physician who serves as the Associate Director of Clinical Innovation for TSI at UW Medicine. Their team created a search tool for home and online exercises for persons of all ages and ability levels


An at-home exercise and community platform for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers; offering live-streamed and on-demand classes to help users achieve their goals, avoid recurrence and live longer, more active lives.